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A new application of pet plastic sheet
 Apr 14, 2023|View:274

In recent years, as People's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, people's requirements for plastic products have also gradually become stricter, mainly because plastic products are now involved in all parts of our lives, and they are related to our life safety, so with the development of the pet plastic sheet in recent years, how is it different from our traditional plastic? First of all, the production process of this material is quite complicated. It is produced by high-precision machinery through a series of compression polymerization processes. The plastic we usually see is a kind of semi-transparent material, however, the transparency of this material can be changed in real-time according to its specific requirements.

We can also take the pet plastic sheet and compress it in a special way to make a foam-like material, so that we have a lot of air between the two layers of material, and because the material is shaped, its molecular structure becomes very stable, so even if it is hit or crushed by gravity, it will not easily deform, so we can generally use it in the express delivery industry, can play a very good protection function to the express delivery goods. And it can also be cut, and it is very flexible, so we only need a common cutting tool that can be processed into any shape we want. For example, we can see this kind of material everywhere on some company's exhibition stands.

pet plastic sheetWe can also make full use of the pet plastic sheet in the printing industry. For example, the menus we see in restaurants are made of this material because of its high sensitivity and transparency, so in the printing process, we do not need to deal with him again, just with the material printed on any information we need, and the human eye seems to be more comfortable. It also has a full anti-aging effect when incorporated into our paper prints, and doesn't easily deform even when pulled together. If we add a pet plastic sheet to the paper and drop it into the water, so after drying, the paper surface handwriting is still clear, and the paper will not wrinkle easily, so waterproof function is also very commendable.

And as we mentioned above, the pet plastic sheet is very malleable, so in the medical industry, it's also very reassuring that we're using it as a virus-resistant film, and it's been treated with nano-micromolecular technology at a later stage, the thin film appears to be only a thin layer, but because of the stability of its internal molecular structure, it can play a good role in protection and isolation.

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