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PET plastic sheet application list
 Apr 14, 2023|View:359

The properties of PET plastic film rolls determine their different uses. Different uses of PET plastic film roll have different requirements for raw materials, additives, and processing technology, and their thickness and technical specifications are different, so the films classified by use are all BOPET. Can be divided into the following categories:

pet plastic film roll1. Electrical insulating film. Due to its excellent electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical inertness, good insulation, and high breakdown resistance, PET plastic film roll is specially used for electrical and electronic insulating materials, these include wire and cable insulation film and touch switch insulation film.

2. Capacitor film. PET plastic film roll has many advantages, such as high tensile strength, high dielectric constant, low loss factor, good thickness uniformity, good electrical properties, and high resistance.

3. Card film. The PET plastic film roll has good transparency, high stiffness, good heat stability, excellent rolling property with a flat surface, uniform longitudinal, and transverse tensile property, and excellent waterproof, oil-proof, and chemical-proof properties. It is specially used for the protective packaging of pictures, certificates, documents, and office supplies, so that it is smooth and beautiful after hot stamping as a protective film, and can keep the original clear and undistorted.

4. Universal membranes. With excellent strength and dimensional stability, cold resistance, and chemical stability, PET plastic film roll is widely used in composite packaging, photographic film, metal evaporation, audio, and video recording, and other substrates.

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